Five Things Your Copywriter Must Do For You

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Five Things Your Copywriter Must Do For You

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If you are in need of copywriter for your business, no doubt you are feeling overwhelmed by the selection process. After all, if you are hiring a copywriter you are probably either short on time or short on confidence in your writing skills. Given these two limitations, how are you expected to do the proper research and make a qualified decision on a copywriter?

Hopefully this post will help!

The successful copywriting formula is pretty straight-forward. Content for and about your company should:

  • Grab your readers attention – immediately! The first few sentences should engage your readers and have them anxious to find out more.
  • Clearly demonstrate an understanding of your prospective clients problem, or perceived problem.
  • Perfectly explain how and why your product or service is the solution to their problem!
  • Provide evidence as to why your company is the best out of all possible solutions.
  • Finally, of course, call you reader to action, whichever action you are seeking at that time.

Simple, right? Ha! Any formula seems simple, it is all in how that formula is applied that makes the difference.

A truly successful, and experienced copywriter knows that in order to make the formula actually work, they need to do five things:

  1. Be you! Chances are, your business or service is not the only one out there doing what you do! What makes your business unique, interesting, compelling, is YOU! Your copywriter needs to understand your voice, your personality, your vibe and imbed your content with all that “youness”.
  2. Know your customers! This always seems so obvious to me, yet it is a component that is often overlooked. Who are your customers, what do they truly need, what do they truly want, what are their unique views? Basic human psychology tells us that people love to be understood, they love to feel “in”, to be a part of something. People want to belong and they will frequent stores, offices, restaurants, online retailers that most reflect them – their views, style, interests, ideas. So, make sure your content makes them feel understood and welcome!
  3. Write compellingly! The decision to continue reading an email, an advertisement, a blog post, is made within seconds. The attention and time of your readers is in great demand. Your content MUST draw them in and COMPEL them to read on. We have all had those reading experiences when we are so drawn in that we just can’t stop reading, even when we know we have a million other things we “should be doing.”
  4. Provide rich content. Give your readers something of interest and value. You will never succeed being a “taker” — in any aspect of life. You must be a “giver”. What do you  have to give your readers that they will appreciate and that will make them feel driven to give back to you? Information, tips, guidance, advice, free products, new ideas — just make it worthwhile and you will win your readers’ loyalty!
  5. Meet your deadlines…. You want to work with a copywriter who can get things done well, on time. Every day that your content is delayed is a day that you are missing out on potential sales and new customers. Period.

I hope this post will help guide you on your search — happy decision making!

Written by shelancewriter

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