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Our song is a slamming screen door

Sneakin’ out late, tapping on your window

When we’re on the phone, and you talk real slow

‘Cause it’s late and your mama don’t know

Our song is the way you laugh, on the first date

Man, I didn’t kiss her, and I should have

And when I got home, before I said amen

Asking God if he could play it again

Ya, that’s right… I’m a middle aged woman and I just quoted Taylor Swift. Reason being, Taylor raises a great point! Everyone has a song. A song that is made up of the small details that make them precisely who they are.

How does this relate to your business content. As I have mentioned before, your business is about… you. Your style, your voice, your unique expertise… your song!

And no matter how “regular” you might feel, you have a song. A song that your prospective and current clients can hum along to. A song that creates a clear picture in the mind of the listener. A song that makes them better understand, and LIKE, you!

Do you know what that song will do for you? It will drive customers to your door. Customers want to work with people that they can relate to, that they feel connected to. Sharing your song with them is the exact way to create that connection.

You know your song. You just need to express it in a way that others can understand. Get in touch with those details that make you the human that you are — outside of, and within, your business.

Recently, I worked with a small business owner. This woman began selling a product after she herself used it and loved the results. Her customers were women just like her – women with similar lifestyles, concerns, and age bracket.

Given the product and the market, it was crucial for this business owner to connect with her prospective clients by sharing HER story!

The problem? She didn’t think she had a story. She couldn’t hear the tune of her own song. After a five minute conversation I had her story nailed. The details involved the product, the results, but even more importantly, her personality and lifestyle.

She is a middle-aged, working, mom. Her story is one that any woman in that category would hear and nod along to… And they have, to the tune of increased sales and increased referrals.

What is your song and are you using it to connect with your prospects?

Written by shelancewriter

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