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So, I already told you that I am both creative and nerdy.

I started out mostly nerdy. For the majority of my life I considered myself an “academic”. Libraries, books, research, long papers, extra credit, honors work, theses– I lived for it all!

Now I am glad that I did because those are skills that stay with you forever. I can read the thickest, dullest research out there and quickly transform it into something digestible. I pride myself on my meticulous and accurate writing.

My abilities brought me through Colby College, numerous Harvard Extension School courses, and Harvard Graduate School.

This education, utterly grounded in in-depth research and the ability to effectively communicate, made me not only a great writer, but also a perfect candidate for case study, white paper, ebook, and B2B writing.

So… how did a self-proclaimed nerd ever find her creative side? Well, I had a few kids. Kids can do anything! Even open their mom up to the world of art and creativity.

My kids are kind of nerds too — much cooler nerds than me though. In the course of their young lives they have read, or been read, the vast majority of the content in any children’s library in this country. Seriously.

When books weren’t available, they still wanted a great story! So like any self-preserving mom, I quickly learned how to spin a tale. Storytelling became a major asset in my parenting toolbox, and I realized I had a knack, and a love, for it.

I have written and told countless children’s stories — if I took a stab at a guess I think I would go with a zillion — most of which sit on my computer waiting patiently for “the day when I finally do something with them”, but many others live on in my childrens’ minds.

So there you have it, my education and motherhood worked together to create a creative/nerdy writer who loves her work.

Add in a slew of the industry’s absolute best copywriting courses through the American Writers and Artists, Inc, and the result is a copywriter that can tell a darn good story that sells. Skills that are crucial to strategic blogging, email marketing, direct marketing letters, and ebooks!

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