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Email Marketing

Should you have a killer website? Yes.

Should you be active on social media? Yes.

But if you want to make the most of the THE most profitable marketing channel, then you need to focus on your email marketing.

Email marketing is consistently the leader in bringing leads to your business and converting those leads into paying customers! ROI from email beats social media and other mediums by a factor of 3 to 1!

That means your email marketing has to be ON.

I will help you use your email communications to:

  • use headlines that actually get customers to click!
  • create emails that are customer focused
  • increase your leads and conversions immediately!

Your business needs readable, concise, effective email campaigns that GENERATE SALES! Stop wasting your time sending emails that no one reads and that do not end in  growth for your business.



White papers and Case Studies


White papers:

White papers… sounds sort of dry, right?

Wrong! A well written white paper is not a cure for insomnia, it is a perfect lead-generation document and one of your most helpful resources!

What is your business based on? No matter what business you are in, you are NOT the only one specializing in that area. So what makes you different? What makes you stand out?

Your unique knowledge. Presenting your unique knowledge, or your unique approach to a problem, through a white paper positions your business as the best choice above all others!

These papers make YOU the authority, and drive customers to your door!


Case Studies:

Seriously, everybody loves a good case study. You know you do. A case study validates your decision to buy a certain product.

Think about it from your own prospective, how many times have you just WANTED to buy something and hesitated — buyers guilt, looming budgets, uncertainty, whatever it is — it makes you pause. The one thing that consistently makes this hesitation dissolve and leaves us reaching for our credit cards – validation!

Enter a well written case study. These little marketing tools do all the good work. They showcase the benefits of your product or service. They describe in glowing details the success stories, testimonials, before and after photos or statistics. And they validate your prospects desire to buy!

Case studies are super powered marketing tools when they are done correctly!

These tools — white papers, case studies, special reports, ebooks, guides all provide trusted solutions to your readers needs. Contact me today to discuss your project needs!




Sales letters

Do you know why direct marketing sales letters have been in circulation for hundreds of years?

Because they work.

They work when they are created by experienced and trained copywriters, like myself. They work when they tell a fantastic story. They work when they are so interesting and fresh that they draw readers in and through pages and pages of information.

They work when they lead the reader to the only possible conclusion — they must have your product!

Since you are a human and you can read, I am assuming that you have read some direct marketing letters in your day, right? I am sure that you have literally found yourself nodding along, fascinated, suddenly filled with the urge to buy a product that up until a few minutes ago you didn’t even know about. That is what a good sales letter does.

And, I am sure you have read letters that have done just the opposite, within a few lines you find your mind saying, “blah blah blah,” and without hesitation you drop it in the recycling bin.

Which category do you want your sales letter to be in?

You can hire me and create a sales letter that will increase your leads and sales or you can pay to have your letter recycled, or otherwise trashed, in households and email bins across the nation!

The choice is yours.

A sales letter is your chance to not only explain your product and services, but to draw your reader in to your unique story, to list all of the benefits they will procure from your product, to point out the key facts and statistics that validate their decision, to share inspiring success stories, and to lead them to the offer that they simply can not refuse.

It is an art. I am your artist.





Everyone has an ebook nowadays, would creating one more really make a difference for your business or service?


E-books are essential tools for your business because they serve multiple purposes.

  • They put your knowledge and approach into a well-written, digestible document
  • They highlight your expertise — therein making you an expert, or authority in your area
  • They can used as a gift for prospects and clients alike
  • They can be used as email generation tools
  • All of which leads to — sales!

When it comes to increasing prospects, leads, and sales, it is all about variety. You don’t want to approach your readers in the same way all the time. E-books create a new venue for contact without turning your prospects off with a hard sell.

E-books are knowledge sharing devices. Something that your clients appreciate, and your prospects will be drawn to.

Let’s talk today about your e-book project!





Ok, I am going to be truthful, but please don’t hate me for it.

I live in Kauai, Hawaii. Full-time.

I know. It sounds obnoxious. The thing is, no matter where you live, you still have to work, pay the bills, raise the kids, clean the toilets, you know — real life stuff!

Besides, I paid my dues. Thirty eight years in New England, for a person who doesn’t ski or snowboard or enjoy anything at all about winter — except the comfort food.

Regardless, I live in Kauai with my family and we love it! And I love writing about it!

Hiking, camping, exploring, eating, swimming, snorkeling, beachfront dining, outdoor venues, biking, resorts, coffee drinking, waterfalls — you name it, and I will describe it in vivid, like-you-are-here, detail for your readers!

Do your readers want to know:

  • Best kid-friendly hotels
  • High end resorts that deliver
  • Must try local food
  • Best places for whale watching
  • Must do hikes
  • Accessible waterfalls to explore
  • Most magical places to watch the sunset
  • Must do family friendly adventures
  • How to visit Kauai without going broke
  • Safest beaches for kids and adults alike
  • Day trips on all parts of the island
  • Best snorkeling spots
  • Local coffee shops that rock
  • Cheapest entertainment
  • Trail running for beginners and experienced runner alike
  • A day off the beaten path – literally
  • Places your rental car agreement won’t allow you to go

I am not only an experience writer, but I am a resident local! I can take your readers on an insiders view of the island and provide additional how-to information to facilitate their trip.

I can also contribute amazing photos to truly bring an article to life!


There is no charge to discuss your project! Let’s talk today about how to create content that actually works for your business.

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